Root Canal Treatment

Root canal in children.

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment in which the damaged pulp tissue is removed from the tooth, cleaned, and then filled. Root canal treatment allows to protect and save the affected tooth. Therefore, it will prevent the tooth from being extracted and then replaced with a false tooth.

It is important to note that children tend to be more prone to tooth decay, as they usually do not have good oral hygiene. Therefore, at some point, it is possible that the child may need to have a root canal treatment to protect the integrity of one or more teeth.

Root canal treatment in children is a process that will avoid the extraction of both primary and permanent teeth.

It is extremely important that parents when noticing that their child feels severe pain when chewing food, take him/her to the dentist quickly, as this will prevent the pain and suffering when eating from disappearing quickly and effectively.

In order to perform the root canal treatment, the dentist must make sure that, although the tooth is damaged, it can recover, otherwise, the extraction of the damaged piece will be unavoidable.

Although many times the presence of dental decay and damage to the pulp tissue can be very painful for the child, there are other times when children are completely asymptomatic. And there in lies the importance of parents taking their child to the dentist periodically.

When is root canal treatment necessary in children?

Root canal treatment in children consists of an intervention in which the damaged pulp is extracted from the affected tooth, and then proceed to clean the canal, and then fill it with the material that the dentist decides.

This treatment is performed when the tooth is almost completely damaged, due to the appearance of dental decay.

Dental endodontics is recommended when the child feels a lot of pain because the tooth is damaged, due to dental decay. Whenever the tooth is compromised, it is highly recommended to perform the root canal treatment because the main idea will always be to protect and take care of the natural tooth.

It is very necessary that children keep their teeth complete, no matter if they are temporary teeth because they fulfill a very important function within the oral cavity.

It is also advisable to take your child to the dentist if he or she presents fistulas or abscesses, since this indicates that there is some kind of damage, probably caused by dental decay, and that in order to save the integrity of the tooth, it is probably necessary to perform a root canal.

Is it possible to avoid root canal treatment in children?

Yes, it is possible to avoid root canal treatment in children, since this treatment is done when children have one or more teeth affected by dental decays.

In order to protect the tooth and avoid root canal treatment, it is necessary for the child to brush his or her teeth two to three times a day since the acids present in food contain bacteria that damage the teeth, commonly known as dental decay.

It is also advisable to avoid eating very hard foods, which can cause fractures or cracks, where bacteria can sneak in.

If your child suffers from bruxism (that is, if he or she grinds his or her teeth), you should provide him or her with a mouth guard to avoid damaging his or her teeth.

It is also advisable to prevent your child from eating very acidic foods, as they damage tooth enamel.

If your child has any discomfort in his or her teeth when eating food, you should take him or her quickly to the dentist, since it will always be a priority to take care of the natural teeth and avoid the extraction of dental pieces.

It is important that parents pay special attention to the oral care of their children, both teeth and gums. They should also pay close attention to their child’s tooth brushing technique and make sure they floss their teeth.