Dental Veneers

EMax Veneers in Albania

A step forward in dental esthetic evolution, with these words we can define the new Emax Veneers. A treatment that will revolutionize the world of implants and will provide an effective and fast solution to different dental problems. Still don’t know what they are? Here we explain a little more about them and why placing them in a safe place like Albania is the best solution for your dental problems.

What are Emax Veneers?

These dental Veneers have high strength porcelain as their main material, moreover, they are made through the patient’s measurement, so they adapt perfectly to the mouth. We can easily describe them by saying that they are Veneers that are placed on the outside of the teeth to increase functionality and improve dental aesthetics.

The porcelain of these Veneers is incredibly resistant and at the same time very easy to mold in order to adapt it to the patient’s dental measurements, and it does not tend to wear out with use as can happen with traditional Veneers. In addition, they have a unique way of adapting to the gingival tissue, so the adaptation process that each patient must go through is much more comfortable and simple.

They are currently receiving a lot of attention thanks to the durability of the material and the stabilizing effect it offers. In addition, it is a treatment that does not require too complicated procedures to place it, as with normal Veneers, which do need an acid etching of enamel to last.

You can decide to have Emax dental Veneers when you are not satisfied with the dental structure of your teeth and if your dentist allows it after a medical evaluation. Emax Veneers are highly recommended for adults with malocclusions, crooked, out-of-round or misshapen teeth, and also for people who have broken teeth

Emax dental Veneers not only have the task of improving the shape of the teeth, they also have the ability to whiten them little by little. In case you have very stained and yellow teeth, Emax Veneers will take care of hiding it, showing white and healthy teeth. So it also serves to increase the self-esteem of patients, allowing them to smile without any shame.

Benefits of Emax dental Veneers

Strength and durability.
As we mentioned earlier, Emax Veneers stand out for their great ability to withstand different pH and external factors. In addition, their creation procedure is very fast.
Another thing that brings benefits of emax dental Veneers, is that they are very thin, so you will not have problems in feeling that your mouth or teeth are heavy or that it is going to break and may splinter. It gives a very natural and simple touch that makes it easy for the patient to adapt.

It does not need a lot of preparation.
Since Emax dental Veneers are usually very thin, the patient’s teeth do not need as much preparation beforehand for dental alignment. This also benefits the symbiosis between the veneer and the tooth, which results in greater durability and stability.
Because the tooth is not as affected by reshaping and drilling for symbiosis, chemical-thermal processing of the tooth is much easier compared to traditional dental Veneer methods.

It looks very natural.
When trying to improve a smile, the key thing is to try to make it look as natural and beautiful as possible, and this is very easy to achieve thanks to Emax dental Veneers, who have this result in a natural way thanks to the fact that they tend to be translucent. Even if you whiten the tooth, you will not lose the natural color of the tooth and it will not look so fake.

All this is achieved thanks to the fact that in the production of the dental veneer for the patient, a very thin layer of the dental veneer is shaved off before adding the main material, which is the feldspathic porcelain that will give it the durability it needs.

With this we can conclude that thanks to Emax dental Veneers, we can obtain a veneer that lasts and fights very well the external factors that usually damage traditional dental Veneers. In addition, we have an aesthetic veneer that will not prevent us from smiling freely, and we can be confident that we will have something comfortable in our mouth. Effectively a product that will get us out of a lot of trouble.

Frequently asked questions about Dental Veneers

Do they tend to present any kind of risk?

Currently we are able to clarify that thanks to the evolution and technological advances in dentistry and implantology, emax dental Veneers do not have any type of dental damage in the long or short term.
The problem with traditional Veneers is that they have always needed the tooth to be drilled before placing the implants, so there may be a little damage.

But, porcelain Veneers decrease this “grinding” by decreasing the pain and damage to the teeth. In fact, in most cases it is not even necessary to grind the tooth enamel, but this will depend on two characteristics of the tooth: the position of the tooth and its natural shade. In case these two are well aligned, there is no need to perform a dental grinding.

If they are not correct (only if it is too far out of the dental line or if it is too yellowish in color), there is a possibility that the tooth will have to be trimmed or fixed a little before placing the veneer.

But regardless, it’s a light cosmetic contouring that won’t even have to be done under anesthesia, so there’s not too much noticeable damage.

Can Veneers be bleached?

It is not possible to whiten Emax dental Veneers, so it is absolutely necessary to make sure with your dentist that they will be made the color of your teeth so that they do not clash with the other areas of the dentition.
It is normal for them to do some routine examinations to determine your tooth type, tooth shade, tooth size and position, all of this so that it is tailored to you and your needs.

Why is Albania a good choice for Emax Dental Veneers?

Albania is known as one of the most capable European countries in dental treatments, all thanks to the number of professionals who strive every day to offer quality and satisfaction to their customers. Every year, thousands of people move to the country in order to be able to get this kind of treatment in an economical way and also to be offered a quality treatment that they could not get in their place of origin.

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Albania that can offer you a good price, the desired quality and excellent treatment, at Endeta Dental Clinic (located in Tirana, Albania) we are more than available for you and your family. Don’t wait any longer and venture with us.